Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

"Get back here you stupid cat! You are so road kill when I get my hands on you!" shouted a teenage girl around the age of thirteen who was running around chasing a black colored cat with white trims around its legs. They had been running around the orphanage for quite a while and the girl was nearly out of breath. When the girl had finally caught the cat, there was a loud bang in the kitchen of the orphanage. "Nessa!" a middle aged woman with a plump face and black oily hair pinned into a bun raced out from the back door which connected the kitchen from the orphanage to the back yard where the girl named Anessa stood stiffly with the cat in her hands. The woman walked towards the girl and pulled her by the ear and dragged her to the kitchen. "Why is there tea spilt on the floor and why haven’t you mopped it?" The woman, a widow named Mrs. Maria how was in charge of the orphanage had entered the kitchen to get some snacks for the children had slipped because of the wet floor causing a flight of stacked plates to fall along with her. "Actually Mrs. Maria, it’s not tea. You see, Boots here he." but before she could finish, Mrs. Maria had already gotten the meaning. Her face went pale at first and then turned bright red. Her eyes were bulging out as if they were going to fall out of her face and then, she screamed.

For the rest of the day, Anessa was assigned to kitchen duty. Which made no difference because since Ms. Mutia, the kitchen lady was unable to be at the orphanage since last week due to her son who was having a wedding; Anessa had already volunteered to help around the kitchen. She loved cooking and making a meal for 17 children wasn't that big a deal for her. Anessa had been in the orphanage for as long as she could remember. Every time a couple would come to adopt a child she would be their first choice. With her long wavy blond hair and mesmerizing emerald green eyes, long lashes and rosy red lips, she was definitely eye-catching. But problems would arise every time she went to a new home. Her adopted mother would be jealous of the attention her husband was giving her, at times she had almost faced being raped but then, strange things would happen without her realization. More than once she felt as if she was capable to do a lot of thing that a normal person would have never been able to do like moving things with her mind or so called telekinesis, the ability to control water and plants, not to mention the bond she had with animals. And all these weird events made every single one of her foster parents hand her back to the orphanage.

Mrs. Maria had once adored her too, there was always a small envelope filled with money for her. A monthly expense to say, but no one ever found out who had been sending them. After a while, the money stopped coming which as well brought an abrupt stop to Mrs. Maria's love towards her. To Mrs. Maria, she was just a burden no matter how bright, potential, and perfect she was. She was treated even worse than the other orphans because of all the trouble she made. Anessa let out a small sigh. Her life had almost always gone downhill since she could remember and she didn’t expect much from it. Then again, she still wasn’t longing to spend the rest of her life cooped up in the orphanage. She knew she had a bright future. If only she had the chance to prove herself.She started humming sadly to a song she memorized, she had the most beautiful voice and even Mrs. Maria couldn’t deny it.

She continued humming as she stepped out into the garden and started singing afterwards. She had always felt at peace with nature. it gave her the only sense of belonging she knew and she was not about to give it up for kitchen duty. She had always adored the orphanage garden. A lot of the planning was also from her very own creativity and she loved doing garden work during her free time. Not long after,there was a sudden noise within the bushes and the little kitten boots made her way out. She purred as she walked around Anessa’s leg and then it nudged Anessa to follow it. The kitten moved faster and faster making it almost imposible for Anessa to keep up with her. They were about 3 kilometers away from the orphanage when Anessa realized they were in the middle of the forest. infront of her stood a beautiful achway made my the two rows of tall oak trees on each of the sides. She couldn't resist the urge to walk through and walked slowly awed by the beauty of nature. As she neared the end,everything started to change around her.The next step she took led her to a whole new place she never saw or been too before. What was weirder was that the sun was shining so bright! It was broad daylight at that time when just seconds ago she could’ve sworn it was already night fall. A small sign showed a street named “Oakshire”. It gave a ring in Anessa’s memory. But she couldn’t remember from when. She walked down the road and wandered off into the woods. Her adrenaline was fast. But she couldn’t figure out why. She predicted it was because of the sudden change or it could also be because she could feel somebody watching her.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

here goes nothing..Prologue of the inherritance.

The Inheritance
by Ezzah Ruzaini;

It was in the dead of night. A blurry figure of a woman wearing a long hooded cloak was visible through the dim lighting of the lamp-posts that were lining the street called Railey Street where the most oldest and most finest of houses stood in the lush greenery of the Tannica forest surrounding the small village called Oakshire. The village which once was said to be a royal domain of magical creatures and people with magical powers over elements of the earth was long forgotten after the rumour was denied by the goverment and the only people left there were of the ancient families which lived there centuries ago. Railey Street was the only street in the village where the rich lived. The population of the village was no where near 3000 and there were only two roads from the outside that could bring a person to such a place. There was no doubt that the people who lived in Oakshire loved peace and nature. The woman,that seemed to be in a rush was walking briskly towards the end of the street where a double-story Victorian mansion stood. The mansion was clearly the biggest and finest house in the whole village.

She was infinitely carrying a baby as could be seen seeming that her cloak was blown aback by the humid night air. She was walking rather hurriedly and looked back once in a while. The woman,who was in her near thirties had ebony black hair and vivid emerald coloured eyes. her pale skin shone through the dark night. The baby in her hands bore a very small difference to her mother as her features were the same except for her dark blond hair which made her even more eye-catching than her mother though she was still so very young.

The woman walked straight through the mansion without even bothering to open the gate and the front door which surprisingly opened itself and closed in a squeaky manner just as the woman walked through. The woman rushed upstairs and set the baby down in a cradle while swiftly she ran and took out a chest from a nearby room and mumbled a chant under her breath. There was a small noise and a hole appeared the wall as three bricks feel. She shoved the chest inside the wall and chanted again. the wall now looked like it had never been touched and the bricks were gone. she took a step to the baby who was already asleep and left a note in her pocket. she was sobbing silently as she slipped a locket around the baby's neck. Suddenly there was a crash downstairs and low murmurs could be heard. The woman kissed the baby's forehead quickly and began a chant. in a moment,the cradle was all that was left.

Not soon after,a group of men broke down the door of the room the woman was in and a loud fight broke off. The woman tried her best to protect herself as the fight climaxed and the sound of loud booming that came from the chants of the women and men grew louder. At last,there was a loud shriek and everything became silent.


*this is just a draft of how the story begins..i'll write more when i have the time. ps;this is under my copywright so any copying or retyping or redo's of the story will be sued! haha.thanks! :D**